• Baterries

    Custom Electrical Systems for Automotive, Construction & Emergency Vehicles.

    From diagnostic to repair, we offer wire harness manufacturing, automotive electrical repairs, remote starter installation, vehicle scanning, scissor lift electrical, and extra lighting installs.

About Us

  • IR Electronics is located in southern Manitoba and committed to providing quality products and services.
  • We custom build our harnesses to suit your needs.
  • We are flexible and can handle any kind of job; If you’re a farmer, manufacturer, fire department, or just need a harness for a personal project.
  • We believe our high quality LED lighting and wire harnesses will suit your needs for an affordable price.
  • We stock many different colours of GXL Automotive Wire as well as coloured wire with a strip.
  • Whether you’re in Canada or the USA, we’ve got you covered.


  • Custom Wire Harnesses

    We provide custom wire harnesses, design, and manufacturing to all types of industries. From simple point-to-point, too complicated multi-branch harnesses.  Each harness is QC Tested with computer controlled software to ensure accuracy, proper connections and successful operation for years to come.

    custom wire harnesses
  • Electrical Systems Upfitting

    IR Electronics has years of experience in upfitting different types of electrical systems, including emergency vehicles, car remote starters & heated seats, pilot vehicles, construction cargo trailer lighting and alarm systems.

    LED Lighting hook up
  • Electrical Supplies

    We are an excellent source for DC electrical supplies including wire, custom wire marking, fuses, terminal, LED lighting, chargers and much more.

    Electrical Supplies
  • Batteries

    Most DC electrical systems start with a power source like a battery.  It is vital for all electrical systems to have a proper and reliable power source to ensure smooth electrical systems performance.  That is why here at IR Electronics, we provide reliable batteries at an affordable price.  We supply farm, industrial, automotive, golf cart, and power sport batteries.  We also carry your everyday home and shop use batteries like AA, AAA, 9V, and more.


We Offer Many Valuable Services Such As

  • Custom Battery Cables
  • Custom Wire Harnesses
  • Automotive Primary Wire Marking
  • Battery Load Testing and Battery Sales
  • Scissor Lift Electrical Diagnostic and Repair
  • Automotive Diagnostics scanning for codes and issues
  • Electrical Supply Sales
  • Trailer Wiring Repair
  • Vehicle Electric Door Lock and Window Repair
  • Vehicle Lighting and Electrical Equipment Up-fitting
  • Emergency Lighting Sales
  • Remote Start and Heated Seats Install
  • Construction Ground Heater Repair


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